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Heater Installation

Heater Installation

Installing a diesel heater

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Option A – call us and we will fit the heater for you in around half a day, either at our premises in Yanchep or we can go to you.

Current Prices For Jobs Done in Yanchep (June 2023 all prices inc GST)

Webasto Rotary – $2900 installed + fuel tank

Au Focus $1550 for 2kw or 5kw ML installed inc Stainless steel tank. For 2kw MZ (with Bluetooth) $1650

Generic Chinese $1200 installed (poly tank)

Travel Time -If we install at your premises then we charge $150/hr for travel time there and back

Repairs – $150/hr (minimum of 1hr)

Option B – DIY – Installing a heater is not overly complicated but it does take a certain amount of knowhow, some specialist tools and some basic handyman skills. If you can use a tape measure, a drill and some electrical tools then you should be fine. If you can follow the 3 keys below then you should be fine.


  1. Find a suitable location for your heater.


2. Choose a suitable place to locate the fuel tank.


3. Ensure you are able to run cable to batteries


This needs to be in a place where a) the heater fits, b) there is no obstruction to drilling a 100mm hole through the floor.

Ideally the location will be an un-used or under-used space that can comfortably accomodate the heater unit.

Check the spec diagrams to see different heater sizes.


The standard fuel tank that comes with the kit is usually 7 or 10l and made to be mounted in a tool box or front boot.

If a standard fuel tank does not fit or is not suitable then we have a range of after market alternatives to choose from.


For most standard installations the black and red wire (earth / pos) are run back to the positive and negative battery terminals.

You will need to work out a way of routing cable to ensure the connection is made and always use at least 15A wire.

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