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5 kw Au Focus Heater – AF-5kw-ML


The Au Focus is a Chinese made heater, but with significantly improved specifications. These are an excellent mid range heater for those who want a better product without entering the elite range.
This is a complete kit with fuel tank. You can do your own install or get in touch with us and we can install for you at your place or ours.

This Premium Quality Aufocus Diesel heater is backed by a 24 month warranty.

Trusted and used exclusively for all Born To Roam Installations. The Au-focus brand has built a reputation for quality, reliability and great value for money and that is why its Diesel Heaters are now being used by a growing number of caravan manufacturers, reputable caravan centres outdoor retail outlets throughout Australia.

What’s Included:

  • 7L Stainless Steel Fuel Tank with level gauge and lockable fuel cap

  • Voice LCD panel with remote control

  • Solid construction – high grade heat resistant hard casing

  • Flat vents

  • Super quiet fuel pump

  • PA66 hard nylon fuel line 6m (size:4*1mm(thickness)) and good quality black rubber connectors.

  • 5m of 2.5mm wire core power cable with flame retardant conduit and Anderson Plugs for optional use

  • The entire wiring harness is covered in high quality with conduit and is equip with an inline voltage meter so you can see Amps being drawn in real time when in use.

  • High quality air filter

  • High quality reusable fuel filter made with alloy top and base.

  • High quality exhaust, muffler and exhaust tip with fire proof sleeve.

  • Flame retardant Exhaust sleeve is included with clamps to secure it.

  • Solid mounting plate with mounting flange to protect the caravan floor.

  • Metal cable ties and standard high grade plastic cable ties

  • High quality clamps and other accessories required for a complete installation.

  • Easy step by step installation instructions.


  • RCM Certification

  • Small and compact design for an easy space-saving installation

  • Voice LCD panel with remote control – Also features, temperature, a voltage meter, etc

  • Sensors on both the control board and fan for additional safety protection

  • High and Low Voltage & Current protection

  • Fast heat up time and maintains a consistent temperature

  • Auto cool down process when powered off

  • Low fuel consumption


  • Power: 1KW-5KW Adjustable

  • Fuel: Diesel only

  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V

  • Fuel Consumption(L/h): 0.1-0.6

  • Working Temperature: -40℃~+50℃

  • Working Temperature of the Oil pump: -40℃~+40℃

  • Main Unit Size: Length 376mm* Height 140mm* Width 140mm*

  • Tank Size: Height 395mm* Depth 105mm* Width 363mm* Neck&Cap 58mm*

  • Black flame retardant plastic casing (Top Grade)

  • Voice / LCD – Can display Error Codes on the LCD screen for easy troubleshooting if required

  • Power (5~35w/h). peak consumption up to 90~150w for the first few minutes whilst the glow plug heats up.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 50 cm


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