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Are Caravan Diesel Heaters Safe?

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Emphatically YES. Despite the scare stories that seem to do the rounds, I am yet to hear of a single person having an issue with the safety of these heaters.

Firstly the fuel is diesel which is not highly combustible – unlike petrol. Secondly – the combustion takes place in a sealed chamber so it doesn’t use a flame anywhere.

That said anything can be dangerous if not used with common sense.

But if you are concerned about your caravan catching fire from the heater itself then you can rest easy. There is more chance of a ‘fire’ from an electrical short than from the unit itself.

2 thoughts on “Are Caravan Diesel Heaters Safe?”

  1. Hi team Diesal

    What is the difference between the AU Focus and the Chinese brand that you sell.

    Other than price, are the internal workings better quality or pound for pound they are the same parts essentially?

    Not sure which way to go.

    Also can the fuel tank be lower than the heater . I wanted to place that under the van with a 45 degree filler?

    Brad Ferguson 0499889081

    Happy to purchase a unit from you.

    1. Hi Brad

      The Au focus is a definite step up from the generic Chinese with:

      Stainless steel tank
      Split tubing to all wiring and fuel
      Quiet fuel pump
      Flange for mounting
      Kyocera glow plug
      Quality filters and mounting clips

      The Bluetooth model also allows for temperature control.



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