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Error 10 Warms up But then Stops

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It was 5 years ago that I originally installed a simple eBay diesel heater in my caravan and it has run like a charm ever since – up until last weekend (when fortunately it wasn’t too cold) – because we definitely couldn’t rely on the heater to help us out.

What happened was that it began running, blew some warm air and even sounded like it was running, but would then shut down. After the second failed start Error 10 would appear on the screen.

It was puzzling – like it wanted to fire but just couldn’t quite get there.

Possible problems? Soot in the chamber, faulty glow plug, faulty atomiser screen…. But I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really want to take the whole controller out of the van as it was installed very tight. So I began with checking the glow plug and replacing the small screen which sits beneath it.

And just like that we were back in business. Clearly it had been obstructing fuel intake and meant that the fuel couldn’t fully combust. One small screen can make a lot of difference – so if that’s your issue then try this solution first!

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