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Why Do I Get an E8 Error on My Diesel Heater?

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So you’ve just installed your first diesel heater and you’ve set it running only to see an E8 code appear on the screen. What does it mean?

Simply it means that adequate fuel has not beven supplied to the unit and it hasn’t been able to fire up.

The solution is very simple – run it again and keep running it until the unit ignites and produces warmth. An E8 is very likely on first start up so don’t panic. Just fire it up again.

You will hear the combustion take place and feel the heat as soon as it happens. However if this error persists then you will need to check for air in the fuel line – perhaps a nick or cut that is preventing the unit from igniting.

How to do that?… Simply track your fuel line and if necessary replace bit by bit until the problem is resolved.

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